Monday, January 9, 2012

Will you let her come?

There’s truly something amazing about 6th grade girls basketball. 
Amazingly funny, that is.
At this age, the game should more appropriately be called Keep Away or Ready Wrestle.  It has less to do with the basket and more to do with chasing whoever has the ball.  On this day, I remembered to bring my camera, and we were privileged to see a bit more of what our daughter is made of. 
apparently, passing the ball was not an option.

Now, mind you, we’ve taught her to be polite, take turns, share and say her prayers.  Other parents enjoy having her at their homes.  She uses ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’  Her room is messy, but she can “see things better that way.”  With four children, my main theme has been to try and 'finish strong.'
click on photo to see her 'you are really bothering me' look.
She is our fourth child, our youngest.  She is the one whose life would come to be in my 40th year.  The one whose name was chosen by God and whispered to me almost 12 years ago. She was never a surprise to us.  We knew she was coming, even before she was conceived.  That day in the car, all by myself, he told me her name… Kara Joy.  Inaudible, but transferrable… from heart to heart.  I knew it was God right away. I struggled hard with him that day.  I cried.  I was afraid.  I was done having children and didn’t want any more.  And oh, by the way... was this going to be another immaculate conception?  Because as far as I knew, one had to be exposed.  And, well, at that point in our lives, things weren't exactly 'frequent.'  And for crying out loud, did he know I was 39 years old?  And, He already knew how much I hated giving birth.  Yes, God and I went a few rounds that day.  And then he won.  Silencing me as he asked me this question...

Will you let her come? 

He asked me.  Spirit to spirit.  Please don’t ask me to explain why God would do that. I can’t. Just one question.  From him.   Then and there, my heart changed, my life changed and my mouth formed the word “yes.”  Without understanding, without fear.  I'm am forever grateful that the gentle presence and moving of his spirit enabled me to yield.  And now, 12 years later, this is Kara Joy.
One who prays for her friends and their parents.
One who sees others in pain and cries about it.
One who brought me her teddy bear after my mom died because I “needed it more than she did.” (I slept with it for a long time.)
One who looks for someone alone at the lunch table, so she can sit with them.
One who is compassionate and giving.
One who is full of laughter and sarcasm.
One who loves to sing and cook. 
She is wise beyond her years, an old soul if you will.

So as my camera captured the look on her face during the basketball game, it made me laugh out loud.  I laughed to see her tenacity… the sheer determination of the warrior child in battle.  First I laughed.  And then I remembered.  I remembered whose she was… and I felt deeply thankful. 

For every facet of her personality.
For her determination.
For her strength.
For her compassion.
For the Author and Giver of her life.
For the privilege of being her mom.

Patricia Spreng
Joining with Laura at the Wellspring for Playdates With God

and with Wolfrosebud at Scribbling Spiritual Sand


  1. LOVE this, Patricia. I gave birth to my "baby girl" two months before my 41st birthday, almost 7 years after my "baby boy"...and what a gift she continues to be in my life. God never asked me, but I do remember the day I was confident I'd become a "woman of a certain age" until I looked in the mirror and the Holy Spirit told me otherwise.

  2. My baby girl, who was then three years old, wiped away my tears when I got the call that my father was gone. You have been so honest and open here, in a way that reveals how good God is giving us gifts we neither want nor appreciate at the time. What a beautiful gift He gave you.

  3. Sweet... isn't it wonderful that God is in charge of everything? I waited 25 years for my baby girl, after having 3 boys! Yep, she is a grand in more than one way. Every morning is new in our eyes, but not in His. Thanks for linking up at Scribbling Spiritual Sand.

  4. Haha- What an expression! I can really relate b/c I have a daughter who is 12, but she's my oldest. Then I have two boys, 10 and 8. I love to watch them play basketball.

  5. Oh, Pat. From the basketball (not at all unfamiliar around my house!) to the asking if you'd let her come (BEFORE things were set in motion, mind you...that staggers the mind, you know) to the teddy bear. Oh, my.

    Keep this one close. Thank you for a beautiful glimpse into her heart, and yours. ;0(

  6. Pat - this is just beautiful. She is just beautiful. Isn't it breathtaking the way He gives us such precious things?

  7. I think it is always surprising to see "tenacity" rise up in our children - that fighting spirit that won't give up - and it is a beautiful thing - but even more beautiful when the tenacity is a God-given tenacity. I mom-love your line: "I remembered whose she was…" - What a beautiful daughter, inside and out!

  8. This is so sweet it made me cry. Your girl is beautiful--she looks a lot like her mamma. Especially in the heart territory, sounds like. Beautiful story, Pat. Loved every word.

  9. Oh.My. LOVE this, Pat. I had an unplanned 3rd child, but I most definitely did not get an invitation from God about him. However, from the moment I knew for sure he was on the way (and I was sure he was a third girl until I saw him from behind as I pushed him out - even from the back, boys just look different!) I KNEW he was God's gift to us - not something we thought about or planned in any way, but a gift of grace. Still feel that way and he'll be 40 in June. She looks and sounds like a great gift to you and to this world. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely story.

  10. Dear ones... It is amazing to have women like you who surround someone like me with encouragement, understanding and support. You are making it easier for me to write... and you bring me joy. Thank you.

  11. This is so incredibly beautiful! Thank you for sharing this.

  12. This does tug at the heart-strings. What a wonderful gift to you and to us.

  13. Treasure these moments. You are a couple of years ahead of me. I'm hanging on to every word.

  14. what a fine tribute. i love the story that you knew she was coming. generational strength and love.

  15. What a touching story of God's gracious invitation to you and your acceptance of the gift of your daughter and now to see what a loving and amazing person she is...what a gift!

  16. Powerful words, powerful love, from Spirit to spirit! These are some of the most beautiful words I think I have every read. Wow! So blessed that you shared this love that sank right down into my heart today.


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