Monday, October 8, 2012

Seed of Faith

I loved how this photo captured the heart shape of a chestnut seed pod.

Oh, how the broken heart of thorns,
holds each one away.

Shields what life remains inside,
despite what all would say.

Then, cautiously, she met him and
knew he was the One.

A need inside, so strong, she burst
and hopeless, fell undone.

This man of sorrow understood,
he caught her there mid-fall.

Held her close and cleansed her,
removing scars and thorns and all.

He sealed her heart and kissed it,
breathed life into her soul.

It grew in faith and flourished
made right, made new, made whole.

Chestnut Tree photo courtesy of
Patricia Spreng


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  1. ah what a beautiful transformation that happens when we find the one that can enter our heart of it...

  2. This is a beautiful love poem!!

  3. This is wonderful, Pat! I love that it was inspired by a tree.


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