Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Hello Dearest Mother"

“Hello Dearest Mother.”
Came the text message.

She recognized  those familiar words.
The ones he uses.
When he needs something.
She smiled, knowingly.

He, the son, away at college.
Who doesn't usually call.
Four whole miles from home.
Where Dad works.

He probably doesn’t know about the movie,
Mommie Dearest.
She’s thankful he doesn’t call her that.

But, tonight was different.
Just the two of them.
Impromptu suit shopping.
For an event.
With a young woman.

He had always been insistent on brands.
She had always been insistent on sales.
"Buy your own brand names," she’d say.
"Maahhm," he'd say.

This time he didn’t seem to care about brands.
Tonight he was grateful.
Tonight, she was reminiscent.
She knew she was dressing her little boy for the last time.

Working three jobs while going to school.
"How'm I gonna buy all this stuff when I’m on my own.”

She noticed how a grateful heart made a very handsome man.
He noticed how a grateful heart made her a cheerful giver.

Patricia Spreng



  1. I love this Pat. It brings back such sweet memories. It sounds like a lovely, memory making time.

    1. Thank you Linda. Our hearts are so tender towards these moments aren't they? Love you. = )

  2. Beautiful, Pat. Love this...I miss older son he lives in Boston now..all grown up.

    1. Thanks Ayala... how time flies, right? Wasn't it just yesterday? Glad you came by, dear one. = )

  3. Oh, yes ... so much poignant beauty here.

    1. You are always so kind to me... I can't wait to give you a hug in person some day. = )

  4. LOVE THIS!! So spot on - made me remember way back when... thanks friend. You have such a gift.
    Wish I could enjoy it more often.

    1. Way back when... and yet it was just yesterday, right? Wish I could post as fast as everyone else... but with work and family, sports... you know the season. I'm thankful anyone drops by! Love you, Diana = )

  5. I'm having a flash forward moment and hoping mine will be as sweet :). Lovely.


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