Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who's Happy Now?

And just like that,
he unzipped his wallet and
bought his freedom.

It cost him
one beautiful bride,
the hearts of two daughters,
one bribed son’s mind,
every other holiday,
“four” nights a week he doesn't use
plus three more he didn’t want anyway,
countless hugs and snuggles,
laughter and smiles,
good night kisses,
one signed letter of resignation as Protector, 
Helper, Lover, Leader.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars,
new homes,
new cars,
exorbitant attorney fees,
therapy for everyone else,
unending headaches,
untold heartaches,
stomachaches ad nauseum,
(vomitus, pukus, ignoramus.)

Credibility, reputation, trust and respect, spent.
Freedom is never free.
Patricia Spreng
Is there a book on why not to give in to temptation and have an affair?
Would a person in the throes of temptation ever stop to read a book?
I wonder... if only my friend had known the true cost before throwing his family away. 
If only he had recognized the true enemy.
Would he have realized that freedom is never free? 
Does he know that  God's forgiveness is?

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  1. This is so powerful Patricia.

  2. My friend lost his family too..no one wants to listen until it's too late :(

  3. Tough stuff. Praying for your friend, Pat. Love to you.

  4. ugh....hard reality....freedom is certainly never free...and it is a false freedom anyway...if they are willing to help you break your vow...what makes you think they will be true to you...

  5. That's very sad. It's too bad if someone only knows what they had after they make a choice to give into temptation. :/

  6. You okay, Pat? This is hard, hard stuff. Boggles the mind, really. My brother-in-law walked away from my husband's amazing sister after 38 years - that was 7 years ago. He just walked. No explanation, no counseling, just gone. He's lost his kids and his grandkids because everyone is in so much shock - still. He married his secretary - five years later, denying that anything had 'happened' between them. There are all kinds of ways to have an affair, it seems. And the price for this is too huge to count. And Brian's comment is a great one - one set of vows broken makes it a lot easier to keep on breakin' 'em. Praying for you in the middle of this pain, Pat. And for your friend and her family.

    1. Yes and thanks to all of the above comments. And your SIL's story is so similar to the story of my dearest friend. A death has occurred (a murder, really.) It has been a long grieving road... pouring out a lot of anger here, I know. Such a tragedy.

  7. ugh...it's a hard way and many have no idea about the costs when they decide to leave..someday they may realize and then it's good to have a real friend around..

  8. Strong write. Never understood how someone could make a commitment to another, and then build upon that commitment, creating an extension of love, in the creation of the family unit, only to throw it all away by giving in to the temptations faced. Excellent read. Thanks

  9. You wrote this so well. Such a hard thing. Hard to understand why people do such things. I have to admit though when I read your end note that I was glad it didn't happen to you personally. Hope your friend finds his way.

  10. Sad - on all sides I think. It's hard to be human sometimes.


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