Friday, August 31, 2012

My Chocolate Moose

There you stood
my chocolate moose
and I touched you

Taking in
what all might say was
wild and forbidden
Not to be fed but feared
and left
alone again, naturally*

But there I saw you hungry
lonely and afraid
and I fed you
to myself
my chocolate mousse

Patricia Spreng

Found this fella in Brighton, Utah in the Cottonwood Canyon between Park City and Snowbird… where the aspen trees wave freely and leaves glitter in grace.  Couldn't help but wonder if the locals call him Bullwinkle.  August 8, 2012
(*somehow this old 1972 Gilbert O'Sullivan song popped in my head here.)


  1. What a fun find! So good to see you back here.

    1. Thanks Susan! He was so fun... I couldn't let him go to waist. ; )

  2. LOVE this, Pat! And I remember that song, but not that name. Fun to see you here twice in one week. :>)

    1. I know Diana... I'm really pushing it aren't I?

  3. Sweet!

    I haven't heard that song for ages, so I had to go read the lyrics. They're kind of pitiful. Poor little alone guy here--or is it a gal?

    This reminded me of the mountain sheep that came so close while we sat on the edge of an old volcano (I think) in the Rockies. Dennis was out of film, and I couldn't get my lens cap off.

    1. Sandy, I think in lyrics a lot and embarrass my children with my out of the blue songs. I have no idea how that song popped into my head... can't remember what I had for lunch most days. ; )


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