Monday, June 4, 2012

The Dance of Worship

And when the music ended
there was one who cried out,
freed from any constraint,
above all the others,
for all the others.

While every chorus and prayer
still wafted heavenward
as trills of incense,
her desperate words touched
the train of his robe,
"Don't go ..."

Consumed by his love,
her still small voice
devoid of pride
or bravery,
called to Abba.

she raised her hands.

Spirit to Spirit
truth to Truth,
he danced with her in worship
as the train of his robe
surrounded and swept us
to holy ground.

Patricia Spreng
Revelation 5:8; Isaiah 6:1; John 4:23,24

Joining with Laura at The Wellspring and Playdates With God


  1. As someone who comes from a church background in which liturgical dance is frowned upon, I was a little nervous about clicking on your title (because, you know, I'm such a people pleaser and always want to be happy about everything my friends say and do and write)

    But enough about me. I loved this. It truly is a dance, isn't it? I was only recently introduced to the term perichoresis which I understand to be the eternal dance between the members of the Trinity.

    And I like it.

    1. You make me smile, Nancy. Thank you for your words. Yes, it is a dance... joining with the Trinity in spirit and in truth...even if we're standing still... it's a matter of the heart (and sometimes that leaks out through toe tapping even ;)

  2. This just makes my heart soar.

    1. Mine was too, Susan. Glad to share the dance with you!

  3. Pat, this is great. I love the metaphors and breath-taking images that fill this post. There is freedom here. There is vulnerability here. There is holiness here. I think every believer longs to worship like this, including your pastor. Thanks for sharing this post. Sorry it took me so long to get back here. Blessings on you. Praying for you and Rich this week.

  4. Marvin,
    Your good words encourage me, thank you. I am so blessed to call you Pastor. Always praying for you and your precious family.


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