Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Sometimes hope comes
and holds my breath captive
in a dissonant chord,
prolonged enough
to well my tears...

or fails
to come at all.

patricia spreng

I've been raising monarch butterflies for the past 3 weeks.  This one hatched yesterday only to have a deformed, split proboscis (straw-like feeding tube that sucks nectar).  Sadly, without a way to draw nourishment, she will die.  I had just read a poem, Black, White and Blue by John Blase and felt inspired by his words and thoughts surrounding 'the dissonant chord left unresolved.'  This beauty that once defined hope and rebirth, is now caught in hopelessness.  She is the beautiful, 'dissonant chord... left unresolved.'
John Blase writes beautiful things at The Beautiful Due
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  1. the thought that hope may never come is a painful one...and then the story of the butterfly, knowing he will not make are making me misty...smiles.

  2. This was beautiful...and sad...and yet, somehow there is always hope, always that tiny spark that this too has reason and purpose, that imperfect and broken as she is, this monarch born into our fallen, broken world is His. He knows her. He created her, and even in her brokenness there is beauty - if only for a breath.

  3. You have so perfectly captured just the way I have felt when things all seemed to be falling apart Pat. This is exquisite.

    P.S. I keep promising myself I will sit down long enough to go through your recent posts on the butterflies. I am intrigued (and too busy running in too many different directions these days.)

  4. life is full with dissonant chord...this is why i like jazz so much...there's always that scratching...the things we don't understand...sad to hear about the butterfly and well penned emotions patricia..

  5. You've presented this in a way that touches me deeply.

  6. This has touched me deeply too...I"m happy to be following you!!!Blessings...


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