Saturday, May 5, 2012

wake my memory

Click below for a video that's been circulating on youtube... an old man responds to his favorite music... 

I work for my local hospice agency. So often, people who are suffering from dementia can't remember simple things like, how to brush their teeth, or names and faces... but, they can remember the words to songs once the music starts to play... their feet tap, their heads lift and for a glorious few minutes they are transported....

Wake my memory, Music...
bring me words
to  dance

Hold me in chords
of harmony
that twirl with notes
to lift me
from this chair

My ravaged soul
is quickened
my body racked
with joy

Just bring to me
my music
and my memory
sings again

patricia spreng

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  1. can do just that...the right lyric and i am back jack & diane....and it def raises my spirits as well or well can kindle other emotions...

  2. music can def. hold us and transport us to all kind of places...widen the space we're in and adds a different dimension...

  3. 'racked by joy' seems a good way to be racked by.

  4. Oh, that is so sweet that they remember the songs and start responding to them. Music is the best medicine, I think.

  5. Beautiful poem and testament to the power of music to bring joy to people regardless of their condition.

  6. Restored to himself. Oh, my! Wake my memory, Music, so my memory sings again.

    Beautiful, my friend.

  7. Oh no, I can't click on that video again. Every time I watch it, I end up teary eyed for the next hour. Really beautiful.

  8. One of those things that is both happy to hear but sad as well. I've read a bunch of the Oliver Sacks books and have heard about how important music is to people suffering from such conditions. It truly is amazing how the mind works. Really nice piece. Thanks

  9. A lovely story of how music inspires in us memories so deeply embedded in our souls, they revive and find the youuth thebsoul always has. Reading this brought real hope and a moment of light to brighten the day.

  10. my memory sings...

    beautiful, indeed.

    I watched the video. Amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing.


  11. This is beautiful Patricia! Music is so powerful and you've conveyed that well here. I love the last stanza :)


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