Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Helpers

On the edge of their seats, they sat.
Snap, Crackle, and Pop.
Waiting to do just that.

Having stress poured over them
for the first time,
trying to help
by wringing out helpless hands.

Startled by every move,
every spoonful of air he gulped,
it was she who
filled their cups.

For all the help they were,
they might as well have
been named
Friction, Fray and Knee Jerk.

Patricia Spreng

Joining d’Verse Open Link Night.  Come and see the wonderful words of  poets.


  1. ha friction fray and knee jerk...lol...i am glad she served them...smiles.

  2. Smiles. Metaphor and/or cereal!

  3. Made me laugh out loud and spill coffee! You owe me one!

  4. haha..so true...those are the companions you don't really need..glad she filled their cup though..made me smile..

  5. Fun and a delight to read :)

  6. I enjoyed this, Patricia. It must have been the way you typed in your address on my blog.


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