Monday, September 16, 2013

prayer on a windy beach

Where does the wind begin or end,

as whispers swell to wonder...

holding feathered wings

and dreams in flight...

dissolving worry into cirrus clouds

unable to threaten...

sheer power caressing each fear,

sifting need from want...

Your presence like fingers

running through my hair.

patricia spreng


  1. touching write... filled with solace and peace... also, I felt a slight breeze as I read this... (no really, I'm currently by my open window lol) smiles... :)

  2. so gentle a pen on this snuggling up to a quilt....
    i like the implied intimacy of that last lines too....

  3. This poem calms me, Patricia…. I really liked the last stanza…what a beautiful picture of the way God works!

  4. Windy beaches are a delight..... and wind itself has often been a source of great pondering for me also... I picture trees fanning it along, sliding it past the lives and hearts of so many others before it sweeps me into its arms, flowing through and past like a collective sigh of contentment... I agree with Brian... Your poem has an incredible gentleness about it.......

  5. Holding feathered wings and dreams. This is so fascinating, what a dreamy picture!

  6. love how his presence runs like fingers through your palpable and real... beautiful pic as well..

  7. Hello - "sifting" by the wind. I like the idea of that - when no clouds threaten and only waves and sand and always the sense of what is present and what is lost. Well done.

  8. Patricia, this took my breath away. I enjoy your blog and feel the power of presence here. Hasn't being part of hospice been such a grace?

  9. I like the comfort and gentleness of your words ~ If we trust everything to Him, our worries will gently fly away ~


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