Saturday, November 12, 2011


Collar too tight, chain too short.
Tied out, put out, shut out.
A dull, worn path memorized.
Chain’s perimeter
givin’ me the run around.
Not quite what I had in mind
for man’s best friend.

Screen door swings open.
I see them... I do!
Ears perk, tail wags like the white flag of surrender.
Then, scraps of love
callously thrown as leftovers
and for a moment, I believe they are for me
(I do, I do, I do).
Until the sights, sounds and oh, those smells
wafting in the breeze of laughter
make me cry.
I long to sit by the fire, warm inside.
Screen door slams shut.

Barking up the wrong tree

Patricia Spreng

submitted to d'verse poetics tonight where the prompt is writing poetry using idioms. To read the wonderful words of poets... click right here.


  1. awww...poor pups...mans best friend gets the short end of a stick for barking up the wrong tree....smiles.

  2. dogs just want to love us, and some people just don't understand them, they need a dog whisperer.

  3. The ending is absolutely perfect!

  4. I enjoyed the story specially the ending "barking at the wrong tree again" ...nice one ~

  5. oh poor dog..if just someone would really understand them...smiling at tammy's comment about some people needing a dog whisperer..true..

  6. haha poor dog, that's why you meow up the right tree and stay in the yard so you don't need to be tied..haha

  7. I like this stream-of-consciousness from a dog's POV, well done.


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