Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Lovepats... maybe this would be a good time to explain the title.  My name is Pat and my last name begins with the letter "S."  That's easy enough, right?  So naturally, if I had a CB radio, my handle would definitely be "lovepat."  Even though, I supppose that name could be misconstrued; I fondly remember my mother's lovepats.  As a mother of 10 children, she could calm any distraught child with her simple embrace, her lovepat, and a "there, there, now."  So, "lovepats" bring me a certain amount of comfort and I share them with my children and the people I love.  Lovepats simply speak a language of love and comfort. It's all about the touch and the connection.  Lovepats encourage and say "everything will be alright," and "I love you."

As I looked up this word in the dictionary, I found it didn't exist.  That was discouraging.  Well, the word "pat" is defined.  It has many definitions as a noun, verb or an idiom.  Among other things, it is an expression of encouragement... as in a "pat" on the back. 

I remember when I was very young, I looked up my name in the dictionary.  Imagine my dismay as I read "patty... a small, round slab of meat."  I was hoping for something a bit more endearing, if not sophisticated or glamorous.  Nope, a small, round slab of meat.  There it was.  Now, thankfully, it was not a self-fulfilling prophecy and I came to understand the beautiful meaning of "Patricia" the female form of the latin word "patrician" meaning a person of nobility or high rank.  Alright then, 'nobility' had a certain elegant ring to it, and I was pleased.  But the fact remained, that growing up in my catholic school, there happened to be 4 of us 'Pats' of different genders in one class  There was a Patty, Patsy, Trish, Patrick, and I got stuck with being called "Pat."  The only people who called me 'Patty" were my Mom and Dad.  It was a charming term of endearment and I secretly cherished it.  Other neighbors and family friends liked to call me "Patty Duke" or "Pitty Pat" but that was just for fun.

For the purpose of this blog, I hope you find my words encouraging... like 'lovepats."  I hope you somehow sense through my "LovePats" that everything will be alright, that you will find we have a lot in common on this journey as we travel through the dailyness of living.  That you will find yourself, as I do, comforted and loved by a very Great God... no matter what.  I find joy in bringing you LovePats.


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